Counteracting bullying and harassment

Jana Chantelau: Kinder-, Jugend- und Familientherapeutin aus BerlinAs a Consultant for Children and Juveniles, I am active in counteracting harassments and contribute to preventing school violence.

Oftentimes, my assignment is to give awareness trainings for classes and work out an Anti-Harassment-Treaty. If there is sneaking suspicion that cyberbullying is also let loose, I can also bring in my know-how as a Social Media Manager. My counselling persists until sustainable solutions have been implemented and proven to be successful.
I encourage parents, teachers and principals in filing applications for support and prompt the supervisory school authorities to facilitate Awareness Days at School. By doing so, bullying, harassments and school violence may be prevented for the benefit of all those who learn and work at school.

Counteracting harrasmenents for adults: when a family member is faced with personal problems, the situation often has ripples effects on the social environment at large.

At times, parents report that they feel shunned – for instance, during school events or in their own neighborhood. for these reasons, I support adults in the prevention of bullying and harassment. I give information on the most common leading signs and convey de-escalating patterns of behaviour.