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I was born 44 years ago and in West-Berlin. My brother was there before I was. Our sister turned up whilst I was
attending the second grade at primary school.

In the ensuing year, I wrote my first theatre play Peace – not only for Castle Peacestone. It was awarded with a Special Achievement Prize by the local Sparkasse. I had to commit the prize money – DM 5.000 – to the school director. He bought a theatrical lighting system for the assembly hall and gave me an Annual Subscription for the Mickey Mouse Magazine.  I had been typecast as a shepherd for the Nativity Play during my first grade, and that was why I assumed the part of a knight for the performances of my own stage work.
I got my kicks out of the affiliation with other children at school – as almost always. And I took pride in my learning processes. It is presumably for these reasons that I have kept some of my in-class tests to this present day, including those taken in German, Maths, Music and Geography. I actually do smirk a little when I re-read my teachers’ comments today – especially so as I still find it hard to decipher their personal type faces. By the same token, I’m aware that my own hand-writing used to look a lot better then than it looks today. I was a pretty good pupil back then. But my primary school collection of jokes matters more to me than my school report marks do. These jokes may be old-fashioned, and yet, they are just as witty as they have been before, a bit like golden oldies.

I enrolled for Theatre and Media Studies at the University of Glasgow (Scotland) soon after I had passed my university
entrance qualification.

I did so on a full-time basis and with great enthusiasm until I had passed my graduate finals, pocketing my Magister of Arts (M.A.) as I went along. A short time later, I picked up on Press Work and Public Relations, working for businesses in North Rhine-Westphalia and in Berlin-Brandenburg. I also kept busy with putting Social Media Management to good practice every once in a while. The Initiative Deutscher Mittelstand e.V. in Karlsruhe awarded the Innovationspreis-IT in Science Management to my blog ( in 2013 and likewise in 2014. After that, I didn’t submit anything anymore.

In January 2015 I entered the vocational training for Alternative Practitioners for Psychotherapie at Deutsche Paracelsus-Schule. I also got my Training as a Therapist for Children, Juveniles and families (under the terms of Heilpraktikergesetz) there and then.

I have specialized in Anti-Mobbing Prevention and Intervention (including Internet Mobbing) as I am keen on working with school classes, teachers and executives. I am also fond of fostering preschoolers in their developments.

To make sure that the Kindergarten kids easily get my ideas, I ask Humboldt, the Penguin for supportive assistance at times
– for instance if the matter at hand is to account for something in a manner that is suitable for the youngest.

More often than not, Humboldt gives proper hints and makes use of easy language when defining the contents that belong together. And when showing how they belong together. And why. And what is more or less important. And what may grow in importance a little later on.
Humboldt originates from the house of Steiff. He then fledged to the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, spent some time by the Baltic Sea and eventually took wing to my place. From winter 2015 onwards, he has been showing up wherever I am… sometime or other. Along with penguins, my favourite animals and pets are dogs, cats, meerkats and elephants.
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