Overview: key activities in my private practice

Jana ChantelauFor children and teenagers:
– educational therapy, for instance when…

  • …difficulties in reading, writing or with maths are given (Dyslexia or Dyscalculia)
  • …hyperkinetic syndrome (HKS, formerly knows as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder And Hyperkinetic Disorder, ADHD/ADD) is given
  • …there are problems with concentration or attention
  • …mobbing prevention (including cybermobbing) is called for


Jana Valeska Chantelau: ich über mich

For parents and other legal guardians
– educational support…

  • …with trainings based on the developmental psychology in children
  • …to counterbalance problems with attachment, social contact and communication
  • …by raising awareness for developmental or behavioral problems in children and juveniles
  • …for utilizing inner resources, energies and values, including the handlings of mourning, dying and death
  • …for mobbing prevention, both in the private realm and in the job environment


Hypno-Systemische VerfahrenFor people of all ages:
– support for coping with severe life events with…

  • …hypno-systemic techniques
  • …visualizations of the family set-up and structure
  • …resilience trainings
  • …advice on stress-relieving diets



For people of all ages:

  • advice on changing food habits in support of concentration and attention spans
  • altering the diet when food intolerances are given
  • setting up diet plans in support of body weight regulations
    and keeping the body weight thereafter
  • regimen based on alkaline food